Effective management requires control of the complete value chain.
From an easy early start, through controlled growth until a successful exit. In the Life Sciences, the funding for this growth comes from a complex mix of equity investments and non-dilutive funding instruments.

We enable you to obtain these funds and modulate them in your financial planning.


Securing dilutive and non-dilutive funding

Optimizing non-dilutive funding

At FFUND, we believe that the process of applying for funding  should deliver at least three outcomes. A sound proposal of high quality with an optimal chance of approval. Advanced insights in your project and next development steps as preparation for the future. And the great excitement that comes from innovative thinking and collaboration. To achieve these outcomes, we work in close collaboration with you by functioning as a sounding board for your ideas and by providing input on how to bring your next steps together into a coherent proposal. We will ask the tough questions to clear up any ambiguities and spot the innovative strengths, ultimately leading to a superior proposal and to explicit insight into your next development steps.

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Securing Dilutive Funding

In order to secure dilutive funding, it is vital to first understand which type of investor is needed, such as an angel investor, a seed fund or a venture capitalist. For each growth phase, type of development and business, a different type of investor is best fitted to meet a company’s demands. And each type of investor requires a different approach and specific tone of voice in the investment proposition.

Our team has prepared numerous business plans and investment propositions, but also has extensive experience in evaluating business proposals from an investor perspective. This allows us to combine ‘the best of both worlds’. We will support you towards building an optimal investment proposition and securing the financing for your next growth phase.

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Ensuring Impact in Exploitation and Dissemination

FFUND combines a thorough and proactive service with the most recent insights from the scientific literature on supporting and stimulating innovation in the Health and Life Sciences. We provide you with an evidence-based approach to innovation, based on our business experience and continuous academic work on innovation in the Life Sciences. With this expertise we can help you gain a thorough understanding and description of the full value chain, which is a valuable distinguishing aspect of impact paragraphs in grant applications.

We provide you access to our proprietary practice-based and scientifically peer-reviewed innovation tools. Tools that match your demand can be directly implemented in the impact paragraphs of your projects and business.

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