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You are ambitious to establish the next breakthrough in Life Sciences and you know there is a challenging road ahead of you. Your innovation needs to make it through years of R&D, testing and clinical trials in order to address unmet needs and reach the societal impact that you aim for. 



We combine forces of experienced life science business experts and on-top-of-the field innovation specialists in a cross-generational team. Our ambition is to provide a consultancy service that boosts your innovative performance in the Life Sciences. Being honest about the risks and opportunities that lie ahead of you, we operate from our first-hand experience and expertise to help you and your innovations to become successful.



Together we will maximize your chances of success by tailoring our support to your specific needs. This enables you to effectively manage your innovation throughout the complete value chain from the early start, through controlled growth, until a successful exit.



At FFUND, we know that long-term success comes from a strategic approach to business planning. This enables an effective growth strategy that builds upon the right tool-stack of funding instruments while providing the insight and control necessary for seizing opportunities.

FFUND provides 5 types of services that are offered both separately and in a continuous line of support.

1. Clear focus

Market analyses and landscaping

Strategic analyses and getting insight in the innovative landscape; who are my customers, what are my competitors doing and what are critical success factors?

2. Setting the Course

Business planning

Planning a route to success, via an insightful brainstorm, a clear vision document or a directional business plan.

3. Paving the Path

Strategic funding plan

Mapping the opportunities for financing on the short and long term to enable smart combinations and optimize the multiplier on secured investments.

4. Fueling your Growth

Securing dilutive and non-dilutive funding

In-depth and hands-on support with preparing strong grant proposals or convincing investment propositions.

5. Staying in Control

Administrative and financial support

Active support to meet the reporting requirements of grant suppliers and investors. Together with our dedicated partner CCOUNT always real-time insight into current and future financing questions. 


“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster”– Sun Tzu

Market analyses and landscaping

The basis for effective growth in any sector, but especially in the Life Sciences, is to understand your position in the landscape of customers and competitors. A thorough understanding of your company’s position is key to know how to reach your strategic dot on the horizon.

We can provide you with a clear view of your landscape by making use of our well-established methods for market landscaping, competitor identification and Key Opinion Leader analyses.

Based upon our mixed methods approach to both qualitatively and quantitatively address these issues, we assist you in gaining more insight into the innovation barriers, patient needs, critical success factors, intellectual property strategies, business model approaches and developmental stage-gates for your sector.

Are you curious about the landscape surrounding your company? Contact us to learn more about our previous studies and what we can do for you. 

Setting the course

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else” – Yogi Berra

Business planning

Together we will identify the path to your success, within specific projects and throughout the portfolio of synergistic activities that form the building blocks of your innovation.

We will deliver what is needed, be it lively brainstorm sessions, a solid business case, a strategic business plan or a compelling vision document. What counts is that you will know what you need and where you are going, and so do your stakeholders.

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Paving the path

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Strategic funding plan

 The funding for the growth of innovations in the Health and Life Sciences comes from a complex mix of equity investments and non-dilutive funding instruments.

We know which funding instruments and strategies are best fitted for each development step. Based on your product development needs and vision for the future, together we will determine the most appropriate funding strategy for your company, now, the coming year and in the future.

This strategic funding plan allows you to select future funding instruments in an early stage, stay on top of your financial requirements and obtain a financial multiplier on investments made.


Do you want to learn how to optimize the use of different funding instruments for your information?
We can establish a tailor-made funding plan for your innovation. 


Securing dilutive and non-dilutive funding

Optimizing non-dilutive funding

At FFUND, we believe that the process of applying for funding  should deliver at least three outcomes. A sound proposal of high quality with an optimal chance of approval. Advanced insights in your project and next development steps as preparation for the future. And the great excitement that comes from innovative thinking and collaboration. To achieve these outcomes, we work in close collaboration with you by functioning as a sounding board for your ideas and by providing input on how to bring your next steps together into a coherent proposal. We will ask the tough questions to clear up any ambiguities and spot the innovative strengths, ultimately leading to a superior proposal and to explicit insight into your next development steps.

Are you ready to fuel your growth via non-dilutive funding?
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Securing Dilutive Funding

In order to secure dilutive funding, it is vital to first understand which type of investor is needed, such as an angel investor, a seed fund or a venture capitalist. For each growth phase, type of development and business, a different type of investor is best fitted to meet a company’s demands. And each type of investor requires a different approach and specific tone of voice in the investment proposition.

Our team has prepared numerous business plans and investment propositions, but also has extensive experience in evaluating business proposals from an investor perspective. This allows us to combine ‘the best of both worlds’. We will support you towards building an optimal investment proposition and securing the financing for your next growth phase.

Do you want to secure an investment for your next growth phase?  
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Ensuring Impact in Exploitation and Dissemination

FFUND combines a thorough and proactive service with the most recent insights from the scientific literature on supporting and stimulating innovation in the Health and Life Sciences. We provide you with an evidence-based approach to innovation, based on our business experience and continuous academic work on innovation in the Life Sciences. With this expertise we can help you gain a thorough understanding and description of the full value chain, which is a valuable distinguishing aspect of impact paragraphs in grant applications.

We provide you access to our proprietary practice-based and scientifically peer-reviewed innovation tools. Tools that match your demand can be directly implemented in the impact paragraphs of your projects and business.

Are you looking for an SME to ensure impact in exploitation and dissemination? 
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Staying in control

Administrative and financial support

Avoiding the risks and hassles of grants and subsidies

We understand which risks and hassles accompany the management of subsidies and grants. Once a subsidy is granted, we can help you set up a thorough administration system that allows you to minimize the risks of funding gaps and avoid unaddressed reporting requirements.

We will provide you with advice on how to use the templates necessary for reporting, discuss any issues with the subsidy provider, and coordinate the logistics of reporting.

Modulating your funding in your financial planning

After you've secured dilutive and/or non-dilutive funds, efficient and correct reporting is of vital importance. We can modulate any acquired funds in your financial planning, providing you not only the fuel for your growth, but also the steering wheel to stay in control of where you are going. 

Together we will identify potential financial gaps and provide advice on how to optimize grants, address funding gaps and eliminate unpleasant suprises. Together with our dedicated accountancy partner we provide you with a modular system thatn can be as high-tech - with automatic links between the different components - or as low-tech as suits your needs.

Are you looking for a way to stay in control of your finances, meet your reporting requirements and still have time to run your business?

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We have experienced the challenges of managing Life Sciences companies through all different stages and have experience from an entrepreneurial perspective as well as that from key stakeholders in the industry.

We understand the enormous potential but are also aware of the downsides of the different financing modalities and help you compensate for them. This allows you to gain full control over the complete value chain and optimize the potential of your company.

For our consultancy, we draw from our academic work on innovation as well as extensive business experience in the Life Sciences, providing you an evidence-based approach to innovation that allows you to help secure the future. The team of FFUND has more than 30 years of successful experience in (non) dilutive funding.

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